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View Multiple HD Screens controlled via ...

(SportsTechie) Imagine watching LeBron James dunk up close via a 90-inch television that’s hanging 10 feet from your seat on the couch. Now imagine if you could watch seven other NBA games on big screens at the same time without having to cover your wall with flat screens and controlled all via your head motion! […]

ThirdEye’s App Store Developer Platform

The release of the full ThirdEye App Store and Developer Platform allow software developers to create Augmented and Mixed Reality applications for ThirdEye’s X1a Smart Glasses. Our developer platform allows content makers to develop applications and earn revenue per every app download. Developers earn a 60% split for whatever price their app is submitted at. […]

The right approach for your application ...

Are you thinking about how to approach your legacy application modernization project? If yes, you are not the only one. Gartner has been involved with thousands of application migration projects and in 2018 shared a free insight titled 7 options to modernize legacy systems. Gartner fans will recall a similar note they shared in 2011 […]

5 Fabulous Apps That Work For All Levels

5 Fabulous Apps That Work For All Levels Educational technology has really taken off in the past few years, especially as technology skills become the new normal. Kids of today need to learn how to develop their own technology skills in order to survive the new digital landscape both in education and in their careers. […]

Test Your Survival Skills With These Gre...

How long can you survive under trying circumstances in these intense strategy games? Each one of these games pits you in a tough situation, and you need to use various skill sets to survive for as long as possible. Crash into this insanely good crafting RPG. You’re a galactric trucker, just minding your own business, […]