How long can you survive under trying circumstances in these intense strategy games? Each one of these games pits you in a tough situation, and you need to use various skill sets to survive for as long as possible.

Crash into this insanely good crafting RPG.

You’re a galactric trucker, just minding your own business, when your ship is suddenly blown up, causing you and your robot companion to crash-land into an alien planet. What are you to do? A whole lot, including building, adventuring, questing, and crafting.

Survive the zombie apocalypse with a band of crazy people, and even crazier circumstances.

Your goal is to get on the death road, and survive as long as you can. The game presents other people to interact with, destinations to scavenge in, and plenty of humor mixed in during the zombie apocalypse.

Expand your kingdom bit by bit while on horseback.

Ride along the lands to bring people into your kingdom, gather resources to build up your kingdom, and survive for as long as you can. Different obstacles appear, and there are overarching mysteries too.

The PC hit FTL comes to your iPad

FTL is an epic spaceship simulator where you have to race home to save your galaxy.

Take charge of your own space ship crew

Star Command is a challenging space survival game where you must manage your own crew and resources against hostile forces.

See what war is like through the eyes of innocent bystanders

Can you survive a war as an innocent citizen living in a besieged city?

Outer space can be a very dangerous place

Out There is a challenging and strategic survival game that takes place in space.

A survival challenge expansion with all new circumstances to contend with.

Don’t Starve launched a couple of years ago as a PC port with a survival theme. It was a dark and gritty themed challenge to try to gather resources, craft items, and deal with other creatures through a stark day/night cycle. Now, there’s a Shipwrecked themed extension.

A survival adventure challenge set in a snowy landscape.

Try to build a settlement and keep it safe as monsters attack each night.

A survival adventure with a refugee theme, and real world challenges.

Oregon Trail has started a genre, and Death Road To Canada has picked up the mantle on iOS. Home Behind delivers a similar survival adventure, but with a different setting. You’re forced from your home in a civil war ravaged land, and need to find your daughter. Each play through has random events for a substantial replay factor.

The makers of Radiation Island have a brand new open world survival adventure for you.

Try to survive in a city inspired by Chernobyl with nuclear fallout creating a challenging situation to survive in. The game is a pseudo follow up to Radiation Island with a similar open world survival adventure. You need to collect resources, craft items, find safe campsites, and simply survive everything the game throws at you.

Magic and science are the keys to survival

In Don’t Starve, you have to rely on the power of science and magic to survive the dark wilderness.

How long can you survive in an alternate reality full of danger?

Radiation Island is a gorgeous open world adventure where you must be resourceful to survive on your own.

Try to survive the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust in this survival adventure.

A survival adventure in which you need to gather resources, fight off beasts, battle other factions, and simply deal with the post apocalyptic world. The nuclear holocaust is the driving force to get underground in a shelter, but there’s a lot to deal with before you get there to best handle once you do.