The release of the full ThirdEye App Store and Developer Platform allow software developers to create Augmented and Mixed Reality applications for ThirdEye’s X1a Smart Glasses. Our developer platform allows content makers to develop applications and earn revenue per every app download. Developers earn a 60% split for whatever price their app is submitted at. Developers can choose what price they want to submit their application and developers can always update the price as they see fit. ThirdEye’s developer documentation allows developers who are creating apps on an Android phone or another platform to easily port their application onto the ThirdEye Smart Glasses. The developer documentation also discusses how to take advantage of sophisticated AR capabilities such as pure Optical see through Augmented Reality and 3D tracking. VR Apps can work as well with ThirdEye’s add-on feature that masks the user’s peripheral vision. By allowing developers to earn revenue per app download, our team looks to expand the AR/MR developer community. The combination of revenue splits per app downloads, developer documentation that allows for easy porting of android applications and the in-market use of ThirdEye smart glasses allows for developers to gain momentum for their applications. ThirdEye offers reseller agreements for value added resellers as well but these tend to be higher volume – the App store allows for individual developers to gain traction for their AR apps.